How It All Began


We first met in 2013, shortly after we started dating we both realised we had, lets just say, quite unique personalities! All our close friends and family would always tell us we were the jokers of the family, and we were continuously silly. Reuben recorded me whilst i was getting ready one day, and in his words 'taking ages' and thought it would be funny to take the micky. We then started recording other little videos of us being silly at home, making each other jump etc. Soon out friends and family we were showing told us to create a page just for our videos, as a few had been a hit on our personal pages. We thought about this for a while, thinking that we'd only get like 50 likes so whats the point.. but we bit the bullet and signed up for our own page, as soon enough we were reaching 1000s of likes a week!

Our first viral video was 'The Ketchup Bomb' which to date has over a million views on our youtube channel.

All in all Reuben and I are just your everyday jokey couple that like having a laugh together. We record different types of videos, from challenge, to pranks for your ammusement, and also for our own. We love the interaction we have with all you fans, and love receiving your sncpchat, emails, messages pictures etc.

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